Why us and how we work


Why The Network Group?

  • Our raison d’tre is integrated care its not only what we do, but how were built, reflecting the structure of local ICSs and PCNs
  • We combine wide experience working across NHS, local government, third and private sector boundaries to address health determinants
  • We go beyond analysis, quickly our approach delivers early results for people and communities
  • Best of both worlds we bring experienced specialists assembled as a resilient and coherent group
  • Value for money the most commercially efficient and flexible way to access the support you need
  • We dont impose a standard model we work with you to co-design a local approach
  • We adapt to fit your needs as a network we can reshape around local requirements

We use an effective
and flexible model

  • Convene leaders across organisational divides as early as possible and develop partnerships
  • Inform decisions through fast acquisition of actionable information
  • Target the right places/cohorts to start with, ruthlessly, through rapid opportunity assessment and engagement
  • Act early with identified cohorts through structured collaboration
  • Repeat with additional cohorts at pace to keep up the momentum
  • Recognise that people are the key to success if properly supported through change

TNG is a new way of working, representing the future of collaboration, and helping deliver the next generation of health and social care partnerships.

TNG not only brings together a diverse range of specialists in health and care transformation, but also deploys a robust governance arrangement enabling us to act as one. The Network Board, Core Members, Associate Members and defined Contracting Vehicles all form part of this robust and effective arrangement as shown here.